ShibaSwap Shares at ShibaMoonAD
Our Annual Percentage Yield (APY) follows the returns generated from the ShibaSwap and it is not fixed.
When your SHIB is staked into the ShibaSwap, you receive xShib in return. Your xShib is continuously compounding, when you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited SHIB.
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ShibaSwap Guide

In order to earn with ShibaMoonAD you should first add money to your wallet. Our site works with the BSC - Binance Smart Chain, so, although you can use several different Cryptocurrencies to deposit, your deposit will be converted into SHIB

Click on Add funds to add the desired amount of SHIB with your preferred Cryptocurrency, wait for the Blockchain to automatically confirm your transaction and credit the Deposit to your ShibaMoonAD account.

Once that you have deposited, you can start Staking by clicking on the ShibaSwap Button on your My Account

Stakes start to generate rewards immediately and, every 60 minutes are added to the Main Balance to every Share-Holder. You can see your earnings on the "My ShibaSwap Share(s)" tab.

Your Share(s) are not locked and you may decide to unstake them to your ShibaMoonAD wallet and then withdraw your money from ShibaMoonAD at any time. There is only a 72 hours waiting period when you unstake them from the system..

In order to unstake, click on the Unstake Button on the My ShibaSwap Share(s) and unstake as many shares as you wish. Unstaking will obviously cost a 25% fee if you Unstake manually until the end of the period.